Unified data

We are a consultancy and service development company focusing on the interoperability and use of data from multiple sources.

With our Unified Data innovation we help you make use of data you have captured from various sources and we build you data driven services.

Data unification

Unified Data is a specification which allows the data capturer or analyser to flexibly change data specification by interchanging overlays. For example the language or any other data layer.

This multi-purpose use of each data set adds their value tremendously.

Make your data sets interoperable to enable various cross-analysis like never before!

Manage your data quality and lifecycle securely!

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Case: Unified Data in data management
In healthcare industry data object interoperability and certification pose challenges on in-house data management. Currently our core team implements Unified Data solutions within a global healthcare company based in Switzerland.

Multi-purpose use of data sets
Using Unified Data enables a data object interoperability between trusted corporate entities alleviating vendor lock-in issues for third party suppliers.

Data quality lifecycle
Additionally applying Unified Data specifications improves data harmonization processes across the organization by supplying the certification of registered pharmaceutical products for export involving national subsidiaries.

Meaningful services

Meaningful services enhance both offline and digital wellbeing of individuals. Your business / industry, currently capturing data on individuals, can easily onboard on the new ecosystem of user-centric, meaningful services and de-centralized data.

We build meaningful services based on the data you captured and combining, or cross-analyzing it with other data sets from other sources.

We define the cases together and incentify individuals by prizes or benefits to enrich the given data sets by adding their feedback, insights or behavioural data.

We are your partner in building Meaningful Services

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Case: Sokos Wellbeing service
Sokos is the department store of the leading retail S-Group in Finland. Wellbeing Cart service was piloted with their customers buying healthy food & nutritions. The customers’ long-term health and wellbeing goals were incentified by rewards given out by Sokos.

Analysing the pilot we noticed that since customers got keen to collecting points they got 2-3 times longer engaged than to other similar services.

Sales and happy customers
When trained personnel instructed customers onboard to the service the sales of health food department doubled in most of the piloted stores.